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Trying to find the 'best' universal driver

Question asked by Dean Hayes on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by mbull

My predecessor tried to make his life easier by creating two queues for each campus building that used Pharos printing services - one queue for monochrome printers and one for color printers. My training time with him prior to his leaving for another position was limited, at best, so most of this I've had to learn on my own, with good support from our vendor. However, I'm finding that limiting to only two queues is not working in all instances, especially in areas that have purchased various brands of printers, in my case HP and Canon. The current monochrome queue in one building uses the HP Universal PCL5 driver for all the monochrome printers - some HP and some Canon. Issues have developed now where all functions of the printer(s) are not working properly, e.g., no duplexing, improper charging, etc. My initial questions, then, include:


  • Has anyone found a reliable way to combine universal drivers from two different companies into one package and make it work for both printer brands, and to be able to have all printer functions work properly?
  • If so, what drivers have you found work best?
  • How did you make the package?