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Direct print with AD passthrough for Windows and OS X

Question asked by Jason Pelletier on Apr 19, 2013
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I am not sure if this is possible but am hoping that it is. We are using Uniprint 8.3 and have Windows and OS X machines all authenticating against Active Directory. Student printing is going well using their ID cards but we are not using AD usernames as the student's login name, instead we're using their swipecard ID as their login name.The same goes for staff although we charge different rates for students and staff.


All that aside, what we want to be able to do is to use direct print for staff, not have them use Popup and pass their AD username to Pharos (pulling from their logon name in the OS they are currently logged into, OS X or Windows) allowing the print job to print and accounting to take place for that print job so that we can report on it when needed. In theory this might allow our linux users to print as well assuming we can capture the logon name too.


Ideally we would not have to change their logonID in Pharos from swipe card to their AD credentials because we'd like to authenticate them via AD but if we have to we can.


Has anyone done this or can anyone point me in the right direction on how I could go about pulling this one off?