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Users in multiple Pharos groups

Question asked by Lacy Turner on Apr 19, 2013
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We utilize Pharos uniprint 8.3 at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College for staff, faculty and students. We have several individuals whom are a staff\faculty member that are also a student. These individuals need the ability to print as a student or a staff\faculty member based on their printing needs at a given time. For example, if an individual is a staff or faculty member and a student, print jobs associated with their employee position need to be applied to their department (cost center) while their academic related print and copy costs should be related to their student account.


We are using the college assigned Datatel number as the card ID. The Datatel number is unique to each person, however, it is the same number for each position an individual holds. Pharos logon IDs are different for staff\faculty and students so the logon IDs will not duplicate. The card ID is being encoded on our ID badges, this is how our end users are authenticating against the Pharos system when using the card swipe method. Card IDs cannot appear more than once in the Pharos DB which will create authenication issues when an ID card is used.


Has anyone experienced an issue similar to this? If so, what type of work around did you implement, other than Third Party Charging?