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    Users in multiple Pharos groups

    Lacy Turner Adventurer

      We utilize Pharos uniprint 8.3 at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College for staff, faculty and students. We have several individuals whom are a staff\faculty member that are also a student. These individuals need the ability to print as a student or a staff\faculty member based on their printing needs at a given time. For example, if an individual is a staff or faculty member and a student, print jobs associated with their employee position need to be applied to their department (cost center) while their academic related print and copy costs should be related to their student account.


      We are using the college assigned Datatel number as the card ID. The Datatel number is unique to each person, however, it is the same number for each position an individual holds. Pharos logon IDs are different for staff\faculty and students so the logon IDs will not duplicate. The card ID is being encoded on our ID badges, this is how our end users are authenticating against the Pharos system when using the card swipe method. Card IDs cannot appear more than once in the Pharos DB which will create authenication issues when an ID card is used.


      Has anyone experienced an issue similar to this? If so, what type of work around did you implement, other than Third Party Charging?

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          Michael Wineke Wayfarer

          We have a similar requirement here, with student workers, and staff also registered as students...


          When an effected user swipes their ID card at a print station to initiate the printout, they are presented with a list of related cost centers as well as the option to use the personal funds associated with their university ID cards.


          How that was accomplished? I don't specifically know. It was set up by the Pharos installation techs and our internal database admins (responsible for maintaining our internal accounting systems).

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            Douglas Alm Wayfarer

            Lacy, Third-Party charging is the way to go.  It's a bit confusing to figure out but once you get it set up it works well.  We use it for all departments and programs.  You need to set up a Cost Center for each department, program, grant, or whatever.  Then you authorize the people who are allowed to charge copies and prints to that department.


            We use Pharos with the CBORD CSGold card system.  The Datatel ID is also the CSGold ID.  The Pharos ID as actually mapped to an AD account.  Students can charge copy/print to their debit account; employees can charge to their personal debit account or to one or more departments.  For most users they only have one choice, but people responsible for multiple departments may have several.


            Feel free to contact me off-list if you want details or stop by if you pass through Raleigh.


            Doug Alm

            Meredith College, Raleigh NC

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