Timothy Yager

Citrix Offline Plugin with Pharos causing print spooler to crash

Discussion created by Timothy Yager on Apr 19, 2013
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We install Citrix's Offline Plugin in our lab images (not VDI), but have since had to remove it as it was causing the print spooler to crash on certain labs with Pharos Uniprint installed. Windows logs only say that an unknown application is causing the print spooler to crash. Uninstalling the Offline plugin resolves the issue, but then we can't run it. The offline plugin does not crash the print spooler in labs where Pharos is not installed, and it doesn't crash the print spooler in every lab, just some.


I am not really sure of a good way to troubleshoot this as there appears to be a conflict between the two pieces of software we are using and both are required. We have tried uninstalls/reinstalls with minimal success. We are using Uniprint 8.1 which I can't upgrade until after the semester ends. Has anyone else experienced this before in their labs and found a resolution?


Thanks. -Tim