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    Print capture/survey application that is compatible with Uniprint

    Peter DiDomenico Wayfarer

      At Quinnipiac University, we have undertaken the task of examining our collective print and copy usage.  We have implemented Pharos Uniprint for our campus departmental multifunction copiers.  In addition, we have deployed efi’s Digital StoreFront and MicroPress applications in our centralized Print Services Center.  These systems provide statistics for the mid-range and centralized print/copy tiers.


      In the name of sustainability, we are trying to educate our community to utilize non-print (i.e. Adobe .pdf) solutions for their paper document needs.  When copying or printing is required, we are also trying to drive utilization to larger, more cost-effective devices – away from costly desktop and small-scale network devices.  This is the missing piece of the print/copy utilization picture.


      Is anyone running an application that captures print usage statistics at the client computer (both PC and Mac)?  Most of the software I have researched captures the name of the client computer, the user account, the destination print device and other statistics about the print job.  The data is retained in a database for reporting and analysis.


      The one issue that has been a problem for several candidates is an "incompatibility" with the Uniprint Popup client.  For anyone running such software, have there been any compatibility issues?

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          Yadin Flammer Navigator

          I'm not understanding your needs and issues here I'm afraid.  From what you seem to be asking, I don't see why you're trying to add something along with Uniprint as it does what you seem to want to do.  Based on what you seem to be saying, I'd do the following:


          1. Set the Pharos popup message to include the print charge for the job requiring their acceptance, along with a message reminding them less costly printers may be available.
          2. Run reports by user by printer and determine who is using the expensive ones heavily and email them reminders about the less costly printers as well as a rough cost comparison of what they would have saved.


          This would eliminate the cost and hassel of layering solutions.  Outside of this, we'd need more information what you are trying to do that you would need another solution. I'm not familiar with those other systems you mentioned, but we've never needed anything additional where print statistics is concerned.

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              Peter DiDomenico Wayfarer

              Uniprint is already addressing print utilization for those devices connected to the Pharos system; currently there are nearly 80 such devices.  The added software that I am investigating is for printing to non-Pharos connected devices, such as USB-connected desktop devices and network-enabled laser printers that connect to a non-Pharos print server.  The software I have seen can capture all "print" activity for a give Mac or PC client computer.  Printing could be directed to a local printer (LPT or USB), an IP-based printer, a .pdf distiller and even Pharos devices.


              The "incompatibility" is with the Popup client.  I do not know specifically what the problem is, but the nature of the problem is an issue with at least two different software vendors.