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One Page Job Charges As Two Sided Print

Question asked by Timothy Grzeczka on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Katherine Baynton

I've had a few users with this issue. It seems all of them are printing a HTML page from Internet Explorer. I tried this myself and it does happen. The one page file changes them for a two page duplex job. This is how the transaction looks:


1 page(s) of "612x792,Letter,Mono,Duplex,Collate"; 1 page(s) of "612x792,Letter,Blank,Duplex,Collate" billed at .16 cents total (8 cents a side)

When I do the same job in Firefox is does this:


1 page(s) of "612x792,Letter,Mono,Simplex,Collate" billed at .10 cents a page (simplex since there wasn't two pages)

My inital thought was it is IE vs Firefox rendering it. Any other ideas?