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Fixing error state on shared print queues

Question asked by on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Scott Olswold

Hello Community,


Our Server is persistent in reporting an error state on the shared queues.  Users are still able to print but the server is reporting an error which triggers windows 7 and windows vista to inform the user that the printer is in "error state" or that there was "an error printing."  This information worries users and causes many calls to our help-desk.  Programs built on Java are unable to print as long as the queue is reporting an error.


Has anybody experienced this before and found a solution?


Print system configuration:


Intel Xeon x5650 2.66 ghz (2 processors)


64bit OS

Windows Server 2008

Pharos 8.1.5293.56


Printers Managed:

251 printers bring managed

160 Kyocera

6 Konica

53 Canon

26 HP

6 others


Queue Structure brake down:

4 held queues for 45 printers of same model for each queue


B&W queue (driver kyocers FS-9530) is associated with Kyocera FS-9530 printers

B&W_finishing queue (driver Kyocera TA-420i) is associated with Kyocers TA-420i printers

Shared queues and device queues match in driver and printer model.


234 direct queues

The rest are not managed by phaors



64 bit and 32 bit drivers are of the same version number

SNMP status is disable on the ports

Bidirectional support is disabled (per advice of phaors support)



Server Load:

Memory Usage 3 GB of 8 GB

CPU Usage 0-2%


We have been unable to find any useful log files... they only tell us that there was an error but doesn't give a cause.


This is something that is affected by the usage of the print server however the server is not having any difficulty handling the load... for example there are no errors during the summer when students are not on campus but when students arrive the printing doubles and then the server starts reporting errors on the queues, even queues the students don't use and queues that didn't go up in usage.


Thank you for your advice.