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    Add project code from user workstation

    Ahmed Mahrous Wayfarer

      Dear Gents,


      Is there any way to add  project code  from user workstation or in PS200 before printing?

      Is available in BP or UP? please let me know.



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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          You can definitely add "project codes" in Uniprint. You'll need the third Party Charging module licenced, which will allow you to configure Cost Centres in Pharos Administrator. Users can then select the Codes either at the point of printing on thier clients by utilising the Pharos Popup client or users can select the codes from the Omega PS200 and most (if not all) implementations of the Pharos iMFP software on the devices themselves when they release the print jobs.


          Cost centre selection is not available in the PC based Pharos station implementation as far as I'm aware.