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    Deactivate user's account in Pharos 8.2/8.3.

    Zhiyong Tian Adventurer

      We only do "monitoring" for our faculty/staff in Pharos, and do not like to delete user's account after user left. I'm looking for a way to set Active to NO in Pharos automatically for these users. Looks like I can't use the Userload.exe to do this.


      Appreciate any of your infomation and suggestions.

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          Jim Denk Wayfarer

          We do it by editing the database directly. The downside to this is that there is no transaction log for the status change.


          I have a script that runs daily and moves any users no longer in AD, or who have had their AD account disabled into a disabled users group, and I change their active status to NO.

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            Jason Lee Adventurer

            We are v8.0, but hopefully this is still relavent for you.   We set the Active field on the User object to False with a direct SQL query out of Access.  We manage our users for various resources like AD, directories, Pharos, etc via Access and simply bind directly to the SQL instance to create and deactivate users with a simple query.


            dbo_users_v8 ~ bound external table in Access


            UPDATE dbo_users_v8 SET dbo_users_v8.active = 0
            WHERE (((dbo_users_v8.id)=[Forms]![users]![strSSO]));


            ... edit for disclaimer, code is action only, obviously you should do proper
            checking that the record exists and succeeds... as reference only.