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Idea on values that can be passed by the interface for plugin.source

Question asked by Owen Dickenson on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by Owen Dickenson

I'm currently working on updating our logon plugin for use with a Pharos Uniprint/Off the Glass  v8.2 installation.

Looking at the help documentation, I can see that the logon plugin has the following interfaces:

PlugIn.Event string ; Plug-in event name ("Logon")

PlugIn.Result bool ; INPUT/OUTPUT: Plug-in result (default is true, i.e. success)

PlugIn.Error string ; OUTPUT: Plug-in error message (if plug-in fails)

PlugIn.Operation string ; the operation attempted when the plug-in was executed

PlugIn.Server string ; the name of the server

PlugIn.Client string ; the name of the client (if any, e.g. Pharos Station)

PlugIn.UserName string ; INPUT/OUTPUT: user account to check (replacement account name, if changed)

PlugIn.Password string ; user's password to check

PlugIn.Level string ; e.g. "User", "Cashier", "Proctor" or "Administrator"

PlugIn.Source string; Source of the identity input, such as CardReader, Keyboard etc.


I'm trying to code something that will do AuthN against our Active Directory, along with a few other things. Its likely that we will want to do AD authN and use use card readers as well at a later date.

The Plugin.Source values look like the could be interesting to me for this purpose, but I'm struggling to find how the values that are passed are defined.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?