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Looking for Uniprint 8.3 documentation

Question asked by Anthony Shaw on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by Jim Denk

OK, I have recently picked up a Pharos server, and my department is starting to support it.  I have found and installed the pharos server, and all is working.  But I have a few questions;


I would like to find the documentation for 8.3, on how to administrate the application; add devices, print groups, printers, ect.  I cant seem to find it.  Links??  Video links?


I understand our laptops can print, without the special mobile print pay option, I am calling it non-domain printing (correct term).  Some one goes to the library, downloads the cleint, and they can print.  I am told this is possible.  What are the keywords for this?  NOT moble print, which is an additional pay item, but somehting else.  Also, are there any documentation links, or video setup links would be AWESOME!


Thanks for your patience!