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    Using Notify at a Release Station


      So we give our users a number of free prints and then charge them to an external cbord system once they run out.


      When they print from a lab machine they are first asked for AD username and Password then Nofiy gives them their balance of their free prints as well as their cbord balnce. then a drop down asking them to accept the charges.


      We are looking at mobile print however we need that same Notify prompt to be seen at the release station.  I've heard its been done before but no one had any details.  Does anyone out there no anything about it or where to look.

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          David Jewett Wayfarer

          We're using Notify on our Release Stations.  As of Uniprint 8.0 the Notify functionality has been integrated into the Popup Client.  In our case I built a package containing nothing but the Popup Client (not associated with a specific print queue) and installed it on the Release Station.


          Note that if your Release Stations are running Windows 7 you'll need to append ":S1" (minus the quotes) to the client_string argument in the Notify function.  Our script creates a new string variable to do this.  This redirects the Notify messagebox to "Session 1" which is the default user session in Windows Vista and 7.  Without the redirect in place the messagebox displays in Session 0 which is not directly accessible by the user.  The :S1 redirect also works fine on Windows XP machines.

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              Thanks David,


              That helped. The main issue is figuring out what client to connect back to send the noify message. Here is the resulting code you can use in the scripts that returns both with direct client address to target nofiy or the Release station with a notify client installed. 


                  new clientToNotify = "";


                  if(not String.IsEmpty( PlugIn.Client ))
                      //PlugIn.Client Will only have a value if its a Pharos Release Station,
                      //Note: returns client name, and uses DNS to reslove
                      //EXample: PharosRS1
                      clientToNotify = PlugIn.Client + ":S1";  //Must add the :S1 to the name for notify
                  else {
                     //Since its not a release station we can assume its a direct client and get its IP address with ":S1" already on the end.
                      clientToNotify = PrintJob.GetPopupData(PlugIn.Queue, PlugIn.JobID, "StaticNotifyIP");