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Why does the select printer script only work for direct queues?

Question asked by David Marcinkowski on Apr 18, 2013
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I was really excited when I discovered the SelectPrinter script on the Pharos CD ... we have been trying to develop this for a few reasons ... first, for our wireless laptop clients who download a package to install on their laptops ... rather than install all 30 of our printers with our lab package, we would like only one printer for user owned laptops where the user can select with the drop down menu the printer they want to print.  Second, we support a variety of speciality papers which appear as individual queues on the workstations.  If a user wants to print on a specific paper, they send it to that queue, then we adjust at the RIP.  We would perfer if we could only have one queue for speciality paper, and via the drop down the user could pick the appropraite paper stock, then the job would be directed to that printer queue. 


Theoretically, with this select printer script, both of these should be possible by adding a simple condiiton statement (depending which solution we talking about) .... but to my dismay I found that this script claims to only work with direct queues.  Becasue we have a thrid-party external billing system (Cbord) we need to use a release station environment and do not use direct queues.


Why is this script only for direct queues?  I dont understand why the job can not simply send to a virtual queue that is selected from a drop down menu.  Then the user can release it and it will print?  Or did I miss something?