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    How do you make changes to the release station skin?

    David Marcinkowski Scout

      Has anyone sucessfuly changed or developed a skin for the Pharos release staiton?


      I have been able to make basic changes to the skins using the applicaiton it comes with, but I have not been unable to figure out how to do anything beyond this applicaiton...which is very limiting.


      Our goal is twofold ... first, to brand the release station using our univeristies branding scheme; and second, try to develop a display queue that can be posted on our digital signage system that will monitor the queues (release for now ... hopefully showing the printer queues can be developed as well) so users can see how many print jobs are in front of them and how long it will take to get their job. 


      Any insight will be hepful

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          Tony Fappiano Wayfarer

          I'm not sure to what extent your talking about customizing but we pretty much had our graphic designers make graphics to the size of the customizable portions of the print station screen.  All of the Pharos branding and graphics have been removed and it looks pretty good.

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            Edmund Greene Wayfarer

            I have done this.  It is quite easy.  There is a directory under the Pharos Station install \Program Files\Pharos\Bin\Images. This contains the different "themes".  If you duplicate a directory you can then change the images.  You will also have to make some registry changes.  Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Pharos/Station/Color Scheme you will also have to duplicate a branch here.  Obviously, the registry branch has to match the name of the directory.  If you change any of the image names you will also have to change the names in the registry.  Don't forget to change the paths in the registry to the new path in the images directory.

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              Katherine Baynton Ranger

              When installing the Pharos Station, a tool called the Pharos Station Color Utility is also installed.  (Found in the Start\Programs\Pharos menu.)


              This gives you an interface to alter various graphical elements of the station, including colors and images and save it as your own color scheme.


              I'd be interested to understand some more background around your plan to display a list of the job queue.  Any user can walk up to the release station in any order and release their jobs, so are you trying to encourage users to use it in the order they submitted their jobs in?  Or am I missing the point?




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