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    HP Universal Driver issue with color printing

    Ahmed Mahrous Wayfarer

      Hello Guys,


      I am concerned of something & correct me if I am wrong.


      Usually, in Pharos all connected Printers to a specific queue should use the same driver for all printers.


      The Customer has HP 14 Printers connected to PS 60 and I configure all of them to use HP Universal Driver for them.


      The Problem is that some of these printers is working fine with this driver but some of them has an issue with color prinitng.


      When the user print color it came Black and white, there is no force policy to print in B&W.


      Should I have to have one queue to each printer to solve this issue?


      Is there is any work around for this issue?


      Please Advise...


      Thank you.

        • Re: HP Universal Driver issue with color printing
          Paul LaFollette Guide

          In case you haven't already done it, The HP Universal Driver needs to have certain settings in the "Device Settings" tab of the Printer Properties in order to ensure that jobs come through in color (or not).


          The ONLY way I've been able to get it to work consistently, is to have one printer setup for BW and another printer setup for COLOR.  In the Device Settings tab of the Printer Properties, set "Device Type" to 'Monochrome' if the printer setup is for BW.  set "Device Type" to 'Color' if the printer setup is for COLOR.  If using the PCL drivers, there may be a "Color Printing Mode" item.  Set "Color Printing Mode" to OFF for BW setups and set to ON for COLOR setups.


          Do not use "Auto Detect" or "Automatic" on either setting or else you'll have users trying to print in color and the job comes out in bw instead.  Sound like the problem you're seeing?


          By the Way, the settings in "Device Settings" applies to all users of the computer.  Make sure you set the settings at the server, then check to see if the end users are seeing the setting change.  If not (they could be using "Local Printer" setups) you may need to also set the settings at the user's computers (depending on how your organization has users connect).