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    Customized cost acceptance messages

    Tony Fappiano Wayfarer

      Has anyone dabbled with customizing the cost acceptance messages?  We currently don't use this feature but are thinking it may be a good idea to somehow craft a message that can show comparison costs between single and doublesided printing, if its possible.

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          Mark Leighton Wayfarer

          Yes, we use a customized cost acceptance message here at the University of Toronto.


          We introduced it approximately 2 years ago when we switched printing from simplex to duplex by default in order to inform the students about the change.


          Our current message looks something like:


          Print job "(name)" will cost $x.xx to print.


          Job Attributes:

          • Destination Printer: (queue_name)
          • Black and White Pages: x
          • Colour Pages: y


          NOTE: This job will be printed DUPLEXED (double-sided).


          Do you wish to send this job? (Yes and No buttons)


          The Duplexed line only shows up when duplexing.  The line is empty when simplexed printing is chosen.


          It works well and students and staff like the feature.  The only problem we have is that we haven't figured out how to detect when the PageCounter fails to process a job.  Current processing halts before the notification phase and we would love to have a message indicating the printing failure.  It would drastically reduce the confusion in those cases.


          I don't about determining comparison costs unless the calculation is simple - in our case it isn't - many locations, different costs, etc.  We let Uniprint determine the current cost and report it.


          Let me know if you are interested in the code and I'll see about figuring out how to share.



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