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Adding a new printer to the current set up

Question asked by kwarburton on Apr 18, 2013
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I am new to Pharos and am inheriting the server and its setup from someone else.  We are running 8.1, I believe.


Recently, I had reason to need to add a new printer and release station to an additional area on our campus, and I was able to figure out how to add it to the Pharos Administrator software pretty easily.  I was also able to figure out that I needed to configure the node on the Pharos BB TIA Gateway and then start/stop the Pharos BB service for the system to fully recognize the printer.


The problem I'm having now is that the system appears to print a job (removes it from the queue and charges for it), but it never comes out on the printer.  I've double checked all the printer settings and checked to make sure the Pharos settings are all consistent.


Any ideas on what I am missing?