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    Macs can print monochrome but not color

    Dean Hayes Wayfarer

      Client has two Canon color imagerunner model 4080. Driver being used in Pharos is Canon iR C4080/4580 UFR II. Being reported that clients Macs with various OSX on them will print monochrome OK, but not color. Print jobs not coming out in correct form....spews tens of pages with broken code-like symbols on each page, but not what was sent as the actual print job. Since the driver in use appears to be THE ONE for the particular machine, does anyone have any idea why color printing does not work? Yes, I suspect the driver, but I'm not aware of any other driver for this machine that is any different. Anyone else know? TIA!!

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          The Canon iRC4080 can be configured with the Color UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-N2 accessory (which I am sure that it has, as it supports UFR II printing), and that can be further augmented with the PS Printer Kit-N1, which adds PostScript 3 (emulated) capability.


          I would recommend the PS Printer Kit-N1 for Mac environments. UFR II is a proprietary page description language to Canon, and some applications loaded on the MacOS may not handle it well at all (read: Adobe and Quark products, and maybe even the MacOS Preview application). If this is not an option, try asking your Canon reseller for an updated UFR II driver for the MacOS.


          Questions to consider: If you print directly to the iRC using the Mac UFR II driver, does it still fail? If so, then a ticket should be opened through your Canon reseller to the Canon ISG support desk. They are a very helpful group of people, and keen on making sure that their systems work. Pharos Technical Support can work collaboratively with them, if needed, to arrive at resolution.

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