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Print queue visiblity

Question asked by Ian Belton on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by Ian Belton

We are looking at rolling out Uniprint to our staff users on campus.  We are looking at configuring clients to print straight to our Windows servers, and this has raised the issue of print job visibility.  That is, all windows clients can see the entire list of jobs in the queue, all jobs, sent by all users.


Potentially, if print jobs were labelled descriptively like 'redundancy list' or 'disciplinary action' then we can foresee some comments regarding this.


We currently have a working student solution for uniprint, which uses our current server infrastructure of Novell Netware and iPrint, which then forwards the print jobs to the windows server thereby removing the queue visibility issue on the client.  However we were wanting to better utilise windows printing and effectively remove the iPrint layer.


Did/does anyone anyone our same concerns regarding queue visibilty and were you able to work aroung this issue?


Regards, Ian