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    Force duplex on HP4200 PCL 5 driver

    Helen Alexander Adventurer

      I can enable duplex, but cannot find the key to force duplex by default.


      I have been trying different registry comparison tools and exporting those keys to try to determine what registry setting is changed when print on both side is checked under printer defaults and cannot locate the key.   Has anyone else run into this issue?

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Where you are making the setting has all the effect in the world. When managing default settings for drivers that need to be applied in the Uniprint package(s), ensure that you are doing so by accessing the queue's Properties page, clicking the Advanced tab, and accessing Printing Defaults through there. If you simply right-click the queue and choose Printing Defaults there, you are only setting those for the user currently in session.


          I hope that this helps,

          Scott Olswold

          Pharos Systems Technical Support

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            Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

            If the driver does support duplex, the easiest way to do this in Pharos is via the "Copy Printer Settings" options in the Queue and then via the package:


            1. Setup your Queue(s) and Device in Pharos admin via Output Management
            2. In your Queue setup, under the Packages section, make sure that "Copy Printer Settings" is set to Yes.
            3. On your print server, in the Windows Printers folder, right click the queue you just made and choose Properties. Configure the queue how you want the users to see it (duplex, trays, etc)
            4. Now create an install package in Pharos admin for that queue (or rebuild the existing one). When you install the package on a workstation, it should get the settings from the queue on the server.


            I used this for our fleet of Canons to turn on duplex. The beauty is that you can make a change later (more features, another tray, etc), rebuild the package, and then Pharos Update will rebuild the client workstations' install for you.

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                Helen Alexander Adventurer

                Thanks for the quick posts but I have ruled out those methods already.


                I do have copy printer settings checked under the queues in Output Management.  The printer defaults on the server are set correctly via Printing defaults under the advanced tab from printer properties.  I just checked settings and rebuilt the package - changing the driver to a PCL 6.  After installing on a workstation, I double checked and the duplex unit is not listed as installed, even though it is on the server driver setting.


                I found the registry entry to enable the duplex, but I cannot find where the registry setting is to force it to 2 sided printing by default.

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                    Josh Lander Wayfarer

                    Setup the printer exactly the way you want it... then go to the follow regkey and export the whole thing.




                    Then after the pharos software is installed on the client machine, do a reg key import.  The duplex setting is in there somewhere most likely a hex.


                    This is how I did it at first, until I figured out I didn't change the "Copy Settings" to yes.  Also I made sure the general printer preferences settings and the advanced "printing defaults" were set they way I wanted them on both the printer and queue.  Also, make sure the "installed options are correct for your printer, though HP didn't seem to have this option.  I then did a full re-creation of all my packages and the issue was fixed.

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                        Helen Alexander Adventurer

                        I exported the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 6\ key, set the duplex off and then imported the registry key.  The duplex setting stayed off.


                        I then exported the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers\HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 6\ key, set duplex off on that printer.


                        I then imported the software registy key.  Again the duplex setting remained off.


                        The last key that appears to be changing is an HKU setting but as nothing else was working - I also tried exporting the HKU\S-1-5-21-403273076-916087032-1293499417-500\Printers\DevModes2\HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 6 key.  Again when I imported this key (on the same machine), the duplex value still remains off.


                        The HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\HP LaserJet 4200 PCL 6 will enable duplex but nothing I can find will set it as default so I am concluding that it must be a file change.


                        Running out of ideas!

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                            Mike Bate Scout

                            Are you using a failover cluster as your Pharos Print Server?  I have the same problem as you and we have identified issues when using a failover cluster.  If you do use one, try this test.  Create a printer of the same name on the active node, instead of the failover service, make your printer defaults changes there, rebuild your package and install it to a workstation.  When I do this, I see the printer defaults copy across from the printer installed to the active node.

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                      Richard Post Guide

                      (Moderator) Has your issue been resolved by any of the suggestions recommended by the other members ?