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    Symantec Enpoint Protection and Uniprint Server


      After upgrading to version 12 of Symantec Enpoint Protection, users are unable to print to Uniprint controlled printer. What folder/s should I exclude from being scanned/protected by the antivirus software?

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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          It most likely isn't what folders need to be excluded/protected.


          Symantec Enpoint Protection includes a strong firewall.  Inability to print to the server that has Symantec Enpoint Protection installed is probably due to firewall rules that are blocking ports required for printing.


          Try disabling the firewall component in the Symantec Enpoint Protect long enough to test the ability to print to print queues on the server.  If printing works while the firewall is disabled, then you know what needs adjusted.


          Listening port  - Component


          515 - Pharos LPD Server


          2351 - SignUp Service


          2352 - License Service


          2353 - Print Service


          2355 - Database Service


          28201 - Notify Service*


          28202 - SignUp Client (Windows & Mac OS X)


          28203 - Popup Service


          28204 - Distribution Service


          28205 - Database Service Change Control port


          28206 - Print Service Change Control port


          28207 - SignUp Service Change Control port


          28211 - Distribution Agent


          * If Pharos Notify is running on a Terminal Services server, it picks a port at random (this allows it to serve multiple Terminal Services clients). In this case, it is not possible to know in advance which port Notify will use, meaning that the use of a firewall may not be possible.


          In addition:


          . The Pharos EDI Server is installed as an add-on to Internet Information Services, and listens on the port used for HTTP communication (usually 80).


          . Pharos Reports communicates with SQL Server using the TCP/IP ports that SQL Server has been set up to use. By default these are 1433 (TCP) and 1434 (UDP).


          . Pharos Blueprint (2.1 and earlier) uses port 2349 for communications between the Tracker (client) and Collector (server).


          . Pharos Blueprint Enterprise (3.0 and later) communicates using SOAP requests via HTTP. A communication port is specified during install.the default (8080) should be suitable.


          . PS20 Terminals use port 31000 by default.


          . Virtual Cash Controller (VCC) terminals use ports 1234 and 1235. When configuring a Pharos Gateway for the first time, a listening port must be chosen. The suggested default is 2111 for Billing Gateways and 2222 for Logon Gateways.

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            Gene Mayro Tracker

            We had an issue with SEP12 and Uniprint where print jobs took 5-20 minutes to get from the client computer to the print server, or just completely timed out, on computers with SEP12 installed. We haven't seen the problem in the last month. We did a great deal of troubleshooting with Symantec, sending them dozens of logs, but there was no real fix that emerged. The issue just seemed to resolve itself in our labs. We're still monitoring it because we don't know if it will recur. I did hear from our SEP administrators that a new update for SEP12 will be released in the next couple weeks. Maybe this will correct the issue.