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Add Printer Settings To Installer Package

Question asked by Timothy Grzeczka on Apr 17, 2013
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I'm trying to find a way to set a few things on a Release Queue installer I have to as small fleet of Canon iR3245s. I want to check that there is the 3rd and 4th tray and set duplex as the default.


In the past, I've used the "printui.dll" option in the knowledge base, but it seems to not be working quite right with some machine and it doesn't work at all on students' personal equipment (you can't call a rundll32 to modify a 64 bit driver).


I read about exporting the registry key in Windows and tried that, but the settings for the Canon driver don't seem to be stored in the registry.


Does anyone do something similar? We've already advertised duplex and I'm almost to the point where we'll have to go around to our labs and set the duplex default manually and create documentation for the students so they can make the change themselves.