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    "Connecting to server" takes time on HP iMFP

    Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

      Have a few HP 4555s that take minutes sometimes to connect.


      We have a fleet of about 14 HP 4555s we just deployed and I get some scattered calls about the "Connecting to server" dialog sitting for minutes and not going away. Usually the users assume it's frozen and cycle the printer and then it works fine.


      I was wondering if there was anything I could look for...the times this happens are right at 9am local and in the afternoon; some of our busiest network times. My thought is that the connection times out, but I can't be sure.

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          Aaron Benjamin Newbie

          Hi Timothy,

          • What version of Pharos are you using?
          • What version of SQL Server?
          • How many servers?
          • Is your printing topology LAN or WAN?
          • Are you using account based or value on the card?


          We went through the same kinds of things. Still not completely satisfied, but we never run into minutes of logon lag time. This is what we have done:

          • Pharos 7.2 w/ Uniprint, Off the Glass & the latest iMFP version
          • HP 6040 MFP's with the latest firmware (this seems to be the bottle neck)
          • Converted from Dell 2850 physical hardware to virtual machine running a single 3ghz, 2gb RAM. (we saw an improvement when we did this)


          When we submitted a call through pharos, they had us do the typical troubleshooting... Install the latest firmware on the hardware with the latest iMFP software. We just changed a setting in Pharos to deny logon to users with insufficient funds and that added a noticeable couple of seconds to the logon. We have a few custom applications that connect to our Pharos database and we don't see that lag time. We tried maxing out the memory in MFP's. We saw a slight performance improvement in logon time, but more in the time it takes to send and print the job. We still have about a 10-20 second delay in logon times. Our conclusion to this point is that the hardware needs more processing power to handle the database transaction processing. Not completely scientific, but that is where our deductive reasoning took us. Hope this helps give you some ideas.

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            Nic Meadows Ranger

            Hi Timothy, we've seen this error with Pharos and also with another print management product we resell (safecom) Therefore its not a Pharos iMFP software specific problem. We think its related to when the device recovers from sleep mode and the network stack doesn't appear to come up properly. Latest versions of HP firmware will help, but turning off sleep mode sees the biggest improvements. Regards Nic

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