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    Installing iMFP on a Ricoh



      We're about to install our first Pharos embedded solution in 3 of our Ricoh's  (5001's).


      Just wondering if anyone else has done this?


      Feel free to contact me directly.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Scott Olswold Guide



          The Ricoh iMFP product is used by many of our customers in both the Higher Ed and Corporate environments. The Ricoh Aficio 5001 model is a benefit in that you don't need to worry about special firmware for the Pharos software to work. Simply make sure that the Java VM card is installed (and active/working) and the rest just follows through the Installation Guide (PDF) that accompanied your software. If, at any point, you need assistance or have a question, Pharos Systems' Technical Support team is ready and available to help.


          Have a fantastic day,

          Scott Olswold, Pharos Systems Technical Support