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    Xerox iMFP and copy stop

    Scott Murphy Newbie

      Wanted to verify how copy stop worked when we were using the FDI for Xerox


      Can I always log on to a pharos machine regardless of how much money I have in my account?  My assumption is yes you can always log on with a valid id.


      (Copy stop) If I log on and I have .10C in my account, copies are .05C each,  I select copy and I can only make 2 copies, correct?  If I chooses 3 copies it tells me insufficient funds or some other message.


      If I am not using copy stop what happens?  My assumption is that as long as I have enough to make one copy it lets me make copies, if I don't have enough to make one copy I can not make any, correct?  If I make 20 copies when I only have enough to make one than my account goes into arrears?  If so what happens when I log on the next time,  I assume I can not make copies until I have enough to make one and I am out of arrears.

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          You can always log on even if your ADVANCE account has no funds.


          When you attempt to release a print job the print server will raise an exception that you have no funds.


          The FDI will be enabled only if the users balance covers the cost of at least 1 copy of the lowest priced copy line.


          The gotcha is that the default price for a copy line is $0.00 so if the administrator has not set all the prices then the FDI will always be enabled even for ADVANCE users with a negative balance.


          When the user dials up copies for more than they have funds for the Xerox iMFP does not notify the user.


          When the copies use all the funds the FDI is disabled - some device will complete the dialed up job and others will complete the copies in transit.


          I don't know the details of how each Xerox behaves.