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Xerox iMFP and copy stop

Question asked by on Apr 15, 2013
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Wanted to verify how copy stop worked when we were using the FDI for Xerox


Can I always log on to a pharos machine regardless of how much money I have in my account?  My assumption is yes you can always log on with a valid id.


(Copy stop) If I log on and I have .10C in my account, copies are .05C each,  I select copy and I can only make 2 copies, correct?  If I chooses 3 copies it tells me insufficient funds or some other message.


If I am not using copy stop what happens?  My assumption is that as long as I have enough to make one copy it lets me make copies, if I don't have enough to make one copy I can not make any, correct?  If I make 20 copies when I only have enough to make one than my account goes into arrears?  If so what happens when I log on the next time,  I assume I can not make copies until I have enough to make one and I am out of arrears.