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    HP e-mail “from” address shows employee ID instead of e-mail address

    Lindsay Lamb Guide

      We get asked a lot if a user's  e-mail address can be automatically populated in the iMFP HP solution...


      As long as the user’s e-mail address is correctly populated in the Pharos server this will happen as anticipated.


      The issue is that the display name in the HP e-mail application is not the e-mail address.  The display name is created from the users first name/last name in the Pharos server.  If the first name/last name is blank then the Employee ID is used.  The Employee ID is often the user’s badge number.


      It is important to note that the e-mail will be sent from the user’s e-mail address.  It comes in the format DISPLAY_NAME[e-mail address].  If it is not desired to use the Employee ID as the Display Name in the e-mail application then a script should return a First Name/Last Name value (extracted from LDAP).