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More SQL Resources

Blog Post created by Richard Post on Jan 5, 2019

A couple more great resources for managing your SQL environments...


SQL Server Backup, Integrity Check, Index and Statistics Maintenance


This site contains pre-built scripts for doing database backups, integrity checking (DBCC), and maintaining your indexes and statistics.

There is also great discussion of what each script does and how it works, with examples of usage.


Disclaimer : Once again, these are third party and not supported by Pharos.  Also, always understand any scripts you plan to run and run them in test environments before doing anything in production.




Lastly, I wanted to point out a fantastic (and almost entirely free) learning and worldwide networking group for SQL professionals.


SQL PASS | Empowering Microsoft SQL Server & BI Professionals


There are local and virtual groups that do webinars and get-togethers to learn about SQL and data management.  Many times the sessions are recorded and made available for free.  They also sponsor annual events around the country called   SQLSaturday | Free Training for SQL Server Professionals    SQL is not even my primary responsibility and I have attended five of these so far.