Richard Post

Counts (Software & Meter Reads) Don't Match

Blog Post created by Richard Post on Nov 13, 2018

Why do counters or meter reads sometimes not match the print management software.


  • USB ports are available on nearly all print devices and anyone with a laptop and a cable can plug in and print.
  • Network cable can be unplugged and connected directly to a computer, bypassing management.
  • Shared Windows Printers on a server that are not the Pharos managed queues will not be tracked.
  • Direct printing, bypassing the Pharos print queues.  This has many forms: LPR (515), port 9100, FTP, IPP, WebDAV, Apple (Bonjour), Novell and other services are running by default.
  • Print from USB - Certain devices have a USB port on the front that allows printing.  Pharos is able to capture this for certain devices, but it must be enabled.
  • Native copy - On certain devices, there is a setting to capture copy data.  This must be enabled or you will not track copies.
  • Web printing using the embedded web pages on the printer to print.
  • Cloud Printing portal - Some devices have the capability to print from cloud services like DropBox or OneDrive.  These are currently not tracked.
  • Service Prints - Any prints generated as a result of a service call may be counted in the meter reads.  These would not show up in Pharos.
  • Fax is usually not tracked at all in Pharos so any faxing that happens will contribute to click counts on the device and not in Pharos.


If all this is set correctly, you can typically expect that the Pharos counts should be within 4-5% of the meter reads or better.