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Mark Elmore
Has anyone tried to do a single sign-on thing using card swipes? I'm trying to set it up to where our users use their ID cards to log them in and at the same time bill them for the prints. Any ideas or help would be most appreciated.
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Jordan Calton
Our organization does not use IMAP; instead we are using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP/S; MAPI over HTTP/s).   Is this something which might be made available for the MobilePrint "Print Email" Queues?
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Scott Olswold
Click to view contentPurpose The purpose of this document is to describe Pharos Blueprint Enterprise configurations, considerations, and troubleshooting methods when placed behind a Load Balancing solution. This article does not imply our support of the load balanced configuration; it simply describes how it works within that configuration. Not all embedded software…
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Chris Jackson
Was notified that mobile uploads was not working.  Looked and noticed that nothing being processed since 1/16/2020.    I am able to send emails from customers MPC accounts.    Mobile Print Center = v2.3.0.59 Uniprint Administrator = 9.1.9500.455
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The Pharos iMFP for Xerox has been updated with improvements for Pharos Uniprint and large screen devices.    You can download the software here:iMFPs, Omegas, & Sentry  (See the Software section in the upper-right corner.) Release notes are attached below and also included in the software package.    The following page provides a complete list of…
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George Esler
I just recently rebuilt our Mac Popup packages using the 9.0.10 client and noted some things that I have questions about and would like a little additional information.   It seems it is getting progressively more difficult to find current Mac drivers for printers due to the fact that they want their users using AirPrint now. I had to go back and… (Show more)
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Paul LaFollette
What Postscript driver do you prefer to use on your MobilePrint system for the Renderer? What Postscript drivers would you recommend?  (at least 2 if you have more than one, preferrably 4 if you can)   I'd like to know what Postscript drivers you use (and why), and why you would use one driver instead of another.   We are almost entirely (about… (Show more)
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Jason Clock
My university is moving to requiring two-factor support and as of now, those voluntarily enrolled are unable to authenticate to the mobile app.  Applications that don't support SSO send a push to a users device and the mobile app is not waiting long enough for the user to process the 2 factor method which in our case is DUO. The app sends 2 more… (Show more)
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