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Nikolay Karetnikov
Hello! Let me share some thoughts and experience on the topic.   HR-LDAR-Importer is a great tool, which allows to easily and what is very import quickly prepare import file to update Blueprint database. The utility is documented and useful, but is there anything else that can make Blueprint better? Sometimes LDAP and Blueprint databases are… (Show more)
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When submitting a Secure Release (or held) job to a clustered Uniprint 8.3 Print Server, the queue goes into an "Error" status, as does the print job. When I review the SecurePort log, I see the following: "Server was unable to process the print job. See server logs for error." The PrintService log (referred to by the SecurePort log) shows this… (Show more)
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Scott Olswold
Products The following products support an SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) function, and may be affected by operational failure due to the cause described in this article:   Pharos Systems Device Scout Pharos Systems Blueprint Pharos Systems Uniprint Pharos Systems Site Monitor Pharos Systems Print Center   Symptoms Printing devices… (Show more)
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Richard Post
Have you checked to make sure all your busy Windows servers have been adjusted from their Windows defaults for Power Management ?   Servers should usually be switched from the default of "Balanced" to "High Performance".  Details in link below.  … (Show more)
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