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Chris Jackson
Was notified that mobile uploads was not working.  Looked and noticed that nothing being processed since 1/16/2020.    I am able to send emails from customers MPC accounts.    Mobile Print Center = v2.3.0.59 Uniprint Administrator = 9.1.9500.455

Jordan Calton
Our organization does not use IMAP; instead we are using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP/S; MAPI over HTTP/s).   Is this something which might be made available for the MobilePrint "Print Email" Queues?
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Greg Sykes
Our school uses SCCM to push out software installation to both employee, and student computers (labs.) We have not been successful using SCCM to push out Pharos package installers. It appears that everything goes through the motions as if the package installed successfully, but upon further investigation, we find that the package never installs.
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Peachy Velasco
In addition to the product documentation PDFs listed below, you can also share information in the MobilePrint discussion forum and find answers in the Pharos Knowledge Base.   MobilePrint 2.3 Documents MobilePrint 2.3 Release Notes MobilePrint 2.3 Configurator Tool MobilePrint 2.3 Advanced Configuration Guide   MobilePrint 2.3 for