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Error 29062 "timeout processing the PDF document"

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Mike West

I'm seeing instances of Error Code 29062 "timeout processing the PDF document" with certain PDF files (usually PDF files).


Typically, user has obtained or generated a PDF file, then uploaded the PDF file to Mobile Print.  When releasing the document the Uniprint fails to print with no error message, however a few moments (or a few minutes) later the document shows in the queued jobs flagged as "Free Print".  In Pharos Administrator Alerts the error is logged stating "timeout processing the PDF document".  Despite the job now being shown as "Free Print", Uniprint is never able to print the document.


Trying to "tweak" the file (using Acrobat or other tools) doesn't help.  Re-printing the file to a different PDF creator (like "Microsoft Print to PDF") successfully creates a new PDF file that will print through Mobile Print.


Who else is seeing this?  Any suggestions?


I've already reviewed the driver settings for Mobile Print and even created new render print objects in the hope it might help (it didn't).



- Paul L.