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Secure Release in a workgroup environment

Question asked by Nikolay Karetnikov on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by Nikolay Karetnikov


One of our customers has the following setup

Analyst BP 5.2.9937 on Windows 2016 R2 which is a member of a workgroup. Lexmark MX722ade has the LeDAS installed and tested okay with eDAS service. BP is configured as per All BP tests pass okay, too. However, when tried to authenticate with PIN code the following message appears


Trying to find a solution with Pharos support we concluded that Print.Policy module has been changed somehow from BP 5.2.9277 where this configuration allows to SecureRelease to work just fine (with users being able to authenticate by PIN codes).

It might be that Print.Policy module behavior has to also be changed somehow using global.config.xml file as described in the link.

Would someone please suggest a way to overcome the problem?