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    Database Name for Uniprint's SQL Database

    Paul LaFollette Guide

      Can the SQL Database used by Uniprint have a database name other than "Pharos"?


      I'm building new servers with the intention to use them to replace our production Uniprint systems.  While building the new servers, I need a place for the SQL database to reside and we normally have out SQL database residing on a SQL server (instead of the Uniprint "primary" server).  The SQL server admins (when I requested a place for the new server's SQL database) asked if the new server's database could reside on the same server but as a different database name.



      - Paul L.

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          Jeff Herald Guide



          Yes, the Pharos database can have a different name other than 'pharos'.  There is only one issue I am aware of with doing that, and it has to do with using the TLS 1.2 security protocol (as the only enforced protocol) and Pharos Reports.  You can read more in the Uniprint 9.0 Installation and Planning Guide (see page 38-39).  If you have that combination, then you will need to contact Pharos Support and ask that we supply a set of reports that will work with the new database name, that's all.


          Uniprint 9.1 Planning and Installation Guide



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