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    Force paper (A4, Exec, etc.) size to Letter

    Paul LaFollette Guide

      After spending hours and hours (actually years) trying to instruct users to "read the message on the printer" in the vain hope users will realize when the printer says "Insert Exec" size or "Insert Legal" size it doesn't mean "Out of Paper" ... I would find it very worthwhile if the Uniprint system could force certain sizes to a specific size of paper (without end user intervention).  I could not tell you how many man hours have been wasted, and false "problems" reported (requiring more wasted hours) simply because College and University age students (and their Professors as well) are unable to read the (insert expression of choice) printer!


      For example, a student gets a document for an assignment, or finds a document online and chooses to print the document not knowing (because they didn't look or observe) the document is "Exec" size (7" x 10"), consequently when the student releases the print job at the print station the printer then announces something like "Load Tray 1: Exec" which means (from the student's uneducated view) "Out of Paper".


      What I wish Uniprint could do (or, if you know of a method, let me know):

      I would like to be able to apply a rule/script/something that would take any Exec size print job (or other frequently found odd sizes) and force it to arrive at the printer as Letter size or some appropriate size the printer is likely to be loaded with.


      Any chance of this?



      - Paul L.

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Uniprint doesn't actually touch the print job. Once the document has been converted into PostScript, PCL, or some other language format by the printer driver, we simply snag the necessary attributes required for charging, record it, and move on. What you're asking for requires job-level code injection...it's a recipe for a lot more wasted time, energy, and angst than you're experiencing now.


          The Universe, however, has seen your plight, and there are options aplenty...provided the user doesn't mangle the settings to do so. Note that you would need to rebuild/redeploy any packages after setting these options for the changes to take effect. In no actual order, we have:


          The Hewlett-Packard Universal Printer Driver (my version: PCL 6 version 6.6.0)

          When using the HP-provided Print Processor (the default configuration), go into Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults and click the Effects tab. Within the "Resizing Options" portion of the tab is the ability to force scale to Letter (or any other paper size you choose):



          The downside to applying this as a printing default is that if a user wants to use Legal, Ledger/Tabloid, or some other paper size, they'll have to go in here (which you can get to from the application's -- like Microsoft Word -- Properties link/button) and choose "Actual size" to make it stick. But it works in every application.


          The Ricoh Universal Driver (my version: PCL 6 version 4.17)

          To change scale settings, go to Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults. Under the "Frequently Used Settings" tab, visit the "Dcoument Size" section and choose scaling options there. You'll want to change the "Document Size" option to "Custom Paper Size" and the "Print On" setting to "Letter (8.5" x 11")":



          Again, since this would be the queue's default, the user would be required to adjust it on a per-job basis if they really wanted it to print on another, available, paper size.


          The Xerox Global and Pull Printer Drivers (my version: 5.617.7.0)

          To change scale settings, to to Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults. From there, choose the "Printing Options" tab, click the drop-down menu option for the "Paper" setting and choose "Other Size" > "Advanced Paper Size..." In the dialog box that follows, choose Letter for the "Output Paper Size", "Automatically Scale" and "Center" for "Scaling Options" and select "Mixed Size Document" for "Original Document Size". Save all of your changes and exit.



          The same caveat applies to using different paper sizes as the others.


          NOTE: The driver offerings provided by Canon USA (the Generic Plus driver for PostScript/PCL6) and Konica Minolta (the Universal v3.4 driver for PostScript/PCL6) are not flexible when defining the original paper size. Each requires that the original size be set (and if choosing Custom, to define it there), which is not very helpful.




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              Mike Dorris Tracker


                Does this only work with regular queues or with Mobileprint as well?   I can get the advanced features setting( with the effects) to stay set on the UPD pcl5 we use for Mobileprint.  It seems every time someone prints through,  it changes back and disables the advanced features ( Doesnt seem to matter which driver I use,  they all so it).  Any ideas?  If we get this to work it would cut down on tickets immensely.

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              Tim Hadlow Newbie

              Hi Paul,

              I don't think you mentioned what model printers you have but there may be the option to do something there. Our Samsung printers have two configuration options:


              Auto Continue: This option allows users to continue printing when the paper size set is mismatched with the paper in the tray. When this option is activated, the printer continues printing using similar or large size paper. If this option is inactivated, the printer waits until the required size paper is loaded in the tray.

              Paper Substitution: When the requested paper for a print job is not available in the tray, this feature allows users to substitute similar paper size. For example, if the requested letter sized paper is not available in the tray, this printer substitutes A4 for the requested paper


              In our case, being in the UK we have A4 paper loaded and it does help where user print U.S. origin PDF's in letter format without bothering (or even being aware) that they should change the paper size.


              Of course, every manufacturer and printer range has different capabilities so this or similar capabilities may or may not apply to most.





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                  Paul LaFollette Guide

                  Tim Hadlow,

                  You're right, I didn't say what printer models I'm dealing with and that info would probably have been helpful.


                  Nearly all of our printer fleet are HP brand and most of the printers used at the print release stations are the HP "Enterprise" class printers.  Specifically:

                  • HP LaserJet Managed E60065 ("managed" version of the HP LaserJet Enterprise M608x)
                  • HP LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E62565z ("managed" version of the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M632z with all the trimmings)
                  • HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M630z
                  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M605x
                  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M604dn
                  • HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M725z and M725z+
                  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M712xh
                  • HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow M527dn
                  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 500 M551dn
                  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn
                  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M750dn
                  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M855xh



                  - Paul L.

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                  Paul LaFollette Guide



                  I am definitely going to have to explore this method.  Obviously, I would need to be quite selective of the places where this kind of setting is used.



                  - Paul L.

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                    David Pearson Wayfarer

                    I'm going to have to look at that method also. We do have some printers that do ledger as well as letter size though.

                    What we noticed was a handful of documents tried to print as C5, so instead of allowing that to hang up the printers, we just made it cost $10,000/page for those. Instead of hanging up the printer for other users, the student requests help and are shown how to force it to letter size.