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    Is anyone doing automated installs via Active directory?

    Mike Dorris Tracker

      If do are you guys doing it by Role, Location, Department...etc.  We have faculty and staff here that are part of departments but in different buildings.  Anyone have a solution?





      -Mike D

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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          We considered doing automated installs via Active Directory, then after experimenting with assigned network print connections by Group Policy (via Active directory), we chose NOT to deploy installation packages by Active Directory (there were "issues" with the group policy behaviors)


          But if we had... we would have done it by Location, Department (easy Active Directory folder assignments).  Later on, we would have then graduated to doing it by Role as that is more "dynamic" and flexible as individuals change responsibilities but may not change location or department.


          Currently, we're just beginning to look into what may be needed to assign Cost Centers based on Roles.  Do not know if that is practical.


          My two cents, For what it's worth.

          - Paul L.