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    Secure Print Queue with multiple Manufacturer printers

    Tim Rhoades Adventurer

      Can you create one secure print queue on a 2012 server for HP printers and Canon printers that have the PS200 device on them ? We currently have BPES 5.2 service pack 2.0 for our solution.

      We currently have the following : Secure Print Queue - only HP printers and a Canon Secure Print Queue for Canon devices on the 2012 Collector. For this, we ran into multiple driver conflictions causing end users to pick the Secure Print queue and swiping badge on Canon printer. It printed a bunch of characters on the print. ( driver issue ). They picked a Canon Secure Print queue then went to the Canon printer and it worked fine. If they select the HP secure print queue and then swipe at a HP printer it works fine. Mix the two and it wont print. Only have Secure print queue for HP and Canon printers, it breaks and doesn't release the print jobs in the queue.

      ( Could it be another driver issue) Thoughts ?

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          tcampbell@pharos.com Navigator

          Hi Tim,


          You have perfectly described a very common challenge with pull print in a mixed-manufacture environment.  As you have discovered, many Canon printers utilize a different PDL (page description language) than do the typical HP printer.  Enterprise class HP printers natively understand PCL5 / 6 and PostScript.  Canon printers, on the other hand, utilize Canon's UFR II language.  PCL and Postscript capability are licensed options that must be purchased from Canon for each printer.


          Your best solution is to maintain the two unique queues, using the respective manufacture's recommended driver.  To optimize the user experience, I would recommend creating two print groups within the Blueprint Administration: one for HP printers and one for Canon printers.  Separate the managed printers into their respective print group so that each group is mutually exclusive of the other.  You also need to configure the secure queues to "feed" the appropriate print group.  This will prevent a user from printing into the HP queue and attempting to release the print job on a Canon printer, and vice versa.


          I hope this helps.


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