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    New Single Sign-On feature in Administrator

    Gerald Rezes Tracker

      I updated the Administrator client to the latest, 9.0.9002.823, the latest Print Service, 9.0.9002.823, and the latest Print Center API and Web Services (  The documentation with the update says that SSO features should be available under System Settings/PrintCenter.  The PrintCenter settings look to be the same as previous.  I do not see any SSO settings.  ExternalLogon was also supposed to be enabled under Banks; I don't see it.  Is there another program that I need to download and install to enable SSO?  Is it a product to purchase? Thanks

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          Jeff Herald Guide

          Hi Gerald,


          Once you've updated your systems with the latest version, SSO will indeed be an option for you to use.  It does not require any license update or anything like that.  I suspect maybe you were still looking at an older version of the Pharos Administrator.  Go to Help/About and look at the version displayed there.  It should be 9.0.9002.823.  If it is not, then first close and re-open the app to see if it is simply still displaying an older version.  If it is, then check the Updater Service context and see if something hasn't completed the update.  Note that when Pharos Administrator is updated, it will update in the background and will require it to be shut down and restarted to open the new version.  If you're still having problems, I'd recommend opening a support ticket and let our Support people investigate.



          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems