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    script for card registration?

    Scott Kiser Wayfarer

      In my institution, we load usernames from Active Directory into Pharos twice a day: the username in Pharos is simply the plain, undistinguished username from AD.


      We have multiple other services that require users to login with email addresses instead of simlpe usernames. The complaint came that people could not remember to use only the username with Pharos, so I created a script to strip the domain suffix off the username.


      I associated this new script with the bank for MobilePrint, and also the bank for our Xeroxes, and it works well --- UNTIL a user tries to register a proximity token, or "card," at the Xerox. If the Xerox reads an unassigned card and the user enters his or her email address and password, then the card does not get associated with the username. Instead a new username is created in Pharos whose value is the user's email address, and the card gets associated with that!


      Is there a way to associate a script to the card registration process? (If not, can there be in some future update??)


      (Edited. This did not get much movement! Maybe I didn't express it well.)

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          lpadgett Scout

            Hey Scott, In Pharos Uniprint > System Settings > Regular Expressions you can set a regexp to handle pre-match, match and post match strings.  I had a filter for usernames with the .school.edu email ending to be taken out.  I have a previous thread I can link you too.  It was recommended that I script out an error popup for this when it occurs, but I haven't had time to circle back around to that particular item. 


            I don't use RFID's yet so I can't help with that but once it enters the uniprint server I would think the username is handled the same way as popup or card swipes.  Hope that helps generate some ideas for a solution. 


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            Jeff Geller Guide

            Hi Scott,


            Unfortunately there is not a way to script the "Card Registration" process. At the moment the way it works is that the Pharos EDI does a lookup of the card swiped in the card_id column of the Users Table in the Pharos database. When one is not found the EDI then tells the Terminal to prompt for username/password. This information is sent to the Bank used by the Terminal for authentication and if successful then the EDI will create a user and add the card swipe value to it. Changing the username on the Logon event (because this is possible) will not change the value the EDI is holding to create the account with. The EDI caches the typed in username and card values to complete the registration process.



            Jeff Geller

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                Scott Kiser Wayfarer

                If I understand this correctly, this implies that companies who use cards for authentication should NOT use a bank that allows a script to be used for logon. That is unfortunate.


                Single-sign-on in my org requires users to use their email addresses to login. We'd like to support our students by allowing them to use either email or username. We have to touch individual accounts every day because we cannot automate this piece. (Sounds whiny, but we have over a million and a half users - automation to eliminate this is VASTLY preferable to serving everyone individually regarding the same problem.)

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                    Mark Decker Scout

                    Hello Scott,

                    Although we cannot script the card registration process, we can script the login bit and fail the login if the user enters their email address instead of their username. With some terminals, we could display an error message to the effect that they need to enter just the username. Unfortunately, some of the terminals use a generic failure message, so the user might get something less helpful. At any rate, if this is something you want to discuss further, contact your account rep (likely Pat or Rachel) and we can discuss your specific needs.