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Print Error - Missing some data (Pharos Station)

Question asked by Ricky Johnson on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Ricky Johnson

I started receiving this error today on all print jobs from one server (Print job arrivwe error on job 'XXXXXX': Missing some data (Pharos Station).  This article led me in the right direction: Missing some Data error when using large format printers .


This issue for us wasn't the billing script, but the fact that the billing source (CBORD) was down for maintenance and no one decided to tell us.  The users were printing to a Direct Print queue, and I checked that the users that were trying to print did have the External Billing Offline Limit set, even though for this area their jobs have a $0.00 charge.  Any idea how to prevent this from happening in the future during CBORD outages?  My temporary workaround was to switch the Print Server bank to one without the billing script (Server Configuration > Print Server > Bank), but I'd like to be hands off during maintenance times like this.