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    Is anyone using UniPrint on the Canon IPF780?

    Karen Brenneman Wayfarer

      Our Interior Design department needs to purchase a new plotter.  Currently, we do not use UniPrint on their plotter, but would like to begin with the new machine.  They would like the Canon IPF780.  Has anyone been successful in setting up UniPrint to charge on that model?  Are there other plotters that you would recommend?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Kiseob(Mike) Son Scout

          I am working on IPF785 now.

          Looks like it is working fine with Windows, but not with OS X.

          However, we are using HP plotters with no issues.



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              Karen Brenneman Wayfarer

              Thank you!  I ordered it last week.  You may be hearing more from me once we get into setting it up!

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                Karen Brenneman Wayfarer

                Hello again  - We have the Canon plotter working with Windows now as well.  Wondering if you have been able to make it work with OS X yet.

                Thanks - Karen

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                    Paul LaFollette Guide

                    If you don't mind, I'm watching how this goes for you. 


                    We have two Canon IPF units ("plotters") with one (a Canon IPF6450) running through Uniprint and we have both Windows and OS X systems sending jobs to it.  Yours is a different model and the driver software may behave quite different from what we work with.  On OS X, our IPF6450 had to be setup as an IP printer, not the way the Canon software prefers it to be installed.  Therefore, we had to install the driver, then create the printer object and manually refer to what driver to use.  We didn't use Pharos Popup, and set the systems to simply use LPD (Line Printer Daemon) protocol pointing to the server and print queue.  The Release Station used with this unit we set to show ALL print jobs since the computers they would be using would usually be already logged in to different account.


                    The problem I have with a "plotter" device (wide carriage printers) and Uniprint is while Uniprint can calculate the job cost based on print job area, there is still a LOT of unused paper waste.



                    - Paul L.

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                        Scott Olswold Guide


                        Plotter charging is likely the most difficult thing to do outside of 3D printing. There are several components that interplay:

                        • Roll width
                        • Cut-sheet
                        • Image orientation/rotation
                        • Media type
                        • Inks (CcMmYyKk or CMYKOG or...)


                        Other competing products have attempted to use "Linear" pricing models, and then you attach the roll width. So I could create a $5/foot pricing model for a 36" wide roll, $3/foot for a 24" roll, and so on. And then I have to make sure that the right rule is in force when the end user prints. But then, what if the software thinks that my "ArchC" document is printing on the short side, but it actually ends up printing on the long side? I get charged for 1.5 feet instead of 2. The end result is that the "Linear" model gets trashed, because it ends up both under- and over-charging. So the administrator winds up returning to the "area" pricing model, and trying to factor in "the slush" that arises when an ArchC print winds up nicely centered within an ArchD sheet of paper (a 50% waste of paper).


                        So what to do? Well, if you have the benefit of:

                        • a controlled- or limited-access grand format printer
                        • not a super-huge volume of print requests
                        • a well-trained staff

                        you can implement what Eric Pergola did in Support for 3D printers? or use the custom charging feature introduced in Uniprint 9.0 R2 SP4 to post-charge your customers based on what pops out rather than what pops in. It's still not the most ideal of implementations, but it covers all of the variables and ensures that both you and the customer remains whole in the transaction.



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                    Donald Ruxton Newbie

                    We at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo have six Canon iFP's including two 780's.  Like the other reply it doesn't work on Macs, but does on Windows.  We are using Windows 10.  The other issue that we ran into is custom page sizes.  The area pricing worked for the pre-defined sizes (Arch-C, etc), but it didn't price correctly for custom sized prints.  So, we decided to go with a flat rate price of $4.50 per page.  That was enough for the department to recover the cost for all the consumables.



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                      Krystal Perlman Wayfarer

                      Karen Brenneman Paul LaFollette Currently, at Alfred State we have a per sq inch charging model for our wide format print that is working very well for us. We have several different machines with different media loaded in them.  The cost per sq inch is based on the machine and what type of media we stock in that particular printer.

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                          Karen Brenneman Wayfarer

                          Krystal Perlman - thank you!  How do you account for wasted paper?  Also, do you use 20lb paper rolls in any of the wide format?  If so, what do you charge per sq inch?  Do you only use one type of paper in each? 

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                              Krystal Perlman Wayfarer

                              Karen Brenneman We currently have the plotters set to automatically choose landscape or portrait which will try to make the best use of paper loaded based on the width of the roll. We do not have too much of a paper wast problem but we have discussed that if it becomes an issue we will add a standard "plot" cost to each plotted print ( We are not sure how much this will be, but we have discussed this as a solution to a problem we are not currently having ) we offer many different kinds of paper in our wide format printing facility. We have an Oce Colorwave unit that we stock 6+ different paper types for at any given time.  I have taken the average use of the different kinds of paper per sq inch and the average use of toner per print from a monthly log and created our per sq inch cost for materials only (and rounded down, since we were still transitioning from free print to pay for print), that is what we charge the students. We do the same thing for our HP DesignJet series printers.  For the DesignJet's we offer a 21lb bond material, a Instant Dry Photo paper and a Litho Realistic Art paper.  We have 3 DesignJet's and 1 of them only has bond loaded and charges accordingly, the other two have have the same cost applied to them since the photo and art papers are comparably priced. Our prices range from $0.003/SqIn - $0.006/SqIn. I have written it into our print policy that that these costs will be evaluated on a yearly basis and can be updated to reflect current material costs.  This helps us to have the flexibility to make sure that we are getting closer to breaking even on material costs. We have a separate budget that we use for the actual device costs that we are not interested in recouping at this time.


                              Sorry that was so long winded, but hope that helps

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                                  Karen Brenneman Wayfarer

                                  We  have our plotter working with Pharos charging (yay!).  Our Interior Design department now wants a scanner that sits on top of the plotter.  Our plotter is a Canon IPF780 and the scanner they are looking at is the Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF MFP 40. 

                                  My question is if the student swipes a card to be charged per SqIn for prints, how does that change when a scanner/copier feature is added.  Scanning would be free, but copying would be priced the same as printing. 


                                  It appears the scanner has a monitor for their proprietary software.


                                  Any insight on plotter scanning is appreciated!