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    Is there a way to see all SignUp computers that are free/in use?

    John Benedetto Adventurer

      Before we have our applications people dive in deep to code something against the Pharos database, is there a built-in or add-on way to see what SignUp computers are free/in use? Some sort of status window that could be displayed on a large monitor to our patrons?


      We are currently using Uniprint 8.3, but will be going to 9.x one way or another within the next year or so...



      - John

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi John,


          That is a good question. As you can use the Nerve Center (http://servername/signup) to manage the system it is here that you can see all computers for a particular "Branch" and the status of them. To see all Branches on one screen would have to be a customization in some way.



          Jeff Geller

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            Adam Lawrence Newbie

            As far as I know, there is not.  We had a similar issue to what you are wanting to do.  Quite a few years ago, I wrote a script that check user log in status on computers directly.  We noticed sometimes that there were false "Faulty" computers sometimes in Nerve Center, so we decided to go with contacting PCs directly, instead of using the database.  The script I wrote is written in the scripting language AutoIt, and it checks to see if a user is logged on to a PC (using WMI) or a Mac (using Plink).  It would then create a HTML file with the number of PC and Mac available in different areas.  The script would take around 40 seconds to check over 110 PCs and Macs.  I posted that version on the AutoIt Examples Forum.  Our current version updates an XML file that is used by a web application that our web developer wrote to update an availability map webpage.  This map shows computers that are available and those in use.  Most of the logic is the same, it just reads and writes to XML instead of just writing to HTML. 




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