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Uniprint Popup/Notify and Signup clients are supported on Apple OS-X 10.12 Sierra

Question asked by Jeff Herald on Oct 18, 2016

Pharos has tested the Uniprint Popup/Notify client (9.0.6) and SignUp client (9.0.7) with Apple's new operating system OS-X 10.12 Sierra, and is pleased to announce that this configuration is supported.  No changes were needed, this is just to announce that testing has been done and the current clients are supported on the new operating system.


These clients can be downloaded from the link below.

Macintosh Components


One note: The SignUp client has been recently updated to 9.0.7 for reasons unrelated to OS-X 10.12.  Please refer to the accompanying ReadMe document for recent updates.


-Jeff Herald

Technical Product Manager - Uniprint and MobilePrint

Pharos Systems