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    Xerox Color problem w/Windows 10 (XPS Error)

    Steve Lasich Adventurer

      Have you seen this message?  If so, what did you do about it?

      "The job was not printed because the XPS option is not enabled. Contact System Administrator to enable XPS on this device"


      We recently received a new XEROX® WorkCentre® 7835 to serve as an output device for Uniprint 8.4.  We have a large installed base of computers using a Windows class driver that worked correctly with the previous XEROX® WorkCentre®.   If those computers have Windows 10, print jobs from those computers now fail with the above error message.  Windows 7 and 8 computers are still working correctly.


      Xerox support web pages say to ditch the class drivers and use a Global driver.  When we use Global drivers on Windows 10 (PCL or PS), the output from Uniprint prints in grayscale.  Pharos charges the user for a color page but no color toner hits the page.


      Question: Is there a known solution for this?  Additional data: Using the Global driver on the server to make test pages produces test pages in color.  Using the Global driver on the client (and granting access through the Xerox firewall) test pages from the client come out in color, but only when sent directly to the device, skipping Uniprint and printing for free. 


      I contacted our Xerox rep asking for XPS to be enabled and his response was, "You don't need that.  We have fixed that at every site so far without enabling XPS."  But he had never heard of Uniprint.  I told him it's only a problem when we use our print server. I am waiting for him to get back to me.  I thought I'd ask you all while I wait.  Thanks for reading this.


      Steve Lasich, slasich@nmu.edu

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Steve,


          Unfortunately it is a Print Driver problem with the "Class Driver" version of the driver being used. This is not a problem with Uniprint but more a change in the way Microsoft works with Printer Drivers. The new Type 4 drivers do not allow for the use of 3rd Party Port Monitors which is what Uniprint uses to process a print job. Many other software products out there also use a Port Monitor they developed and are hindered by the new "Class Driver" as well.


          The grayscale output is a configuration of the driver. Uniprint does not modify the print job in any way which means that it is all about what is produced by the Application/Driver combination that is what goes into the print file that gets created and subsequently consumed/rendered by the print device itself.


          If you open the print queue used for Uniprint, change the port to be that of a TCP/IP port directly to the device and let the driver update itself with the printer settings this may help. Then configure the port back to the "Pharos Systems Popup Printer Port" and see if that helps. This allows the driver configuration to be 'auto-updated' by the printer itself. Often I do not have to do this step and there are settings on the driver that can be modified that can change the print queues behavior. Sometimes they are easy to find other times said settings can be buried somewhere.


          Pharos Support

          Jeff Geller

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              Steve Lasich Adventurer


              Thanks. Where would you suggest looking for the buried settings?  I did what you said and it worked but I don't see any differences in the driver properties except for a comment field the Xerox driver adds to itself.


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                Steve Lasich Adventurer

                ...In other words, I don't need to fix the Xerox color driver on one computer. I need to fix it on thousands.  How do I roll out this mysterious change?  I can't afford to sit down and clear every computer that needs the driver through the Xerox firewall in order to convince the driver to use color.

                At this point I am dying to know if the Xerox XPS Option Kit referenced in the error message would actually allow the class driver to work on Windows 10. If XPS does make the class driver work, it would save countless hours of support time, so that would certainly be worth a few hundred dollars to get it, because so many computers have the class driver already.

                Has anybody installed the XPS Option Kit and seen it work with Xerox class drivers on Windows 10?

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                Steve Lasich Adventurer

                I notice people are still looking in on this thread from time to time.

                The principle difficulty is we have about 8,000 printing customers with their own computers which we do not control. 

                The ultimate solution was simple and cheap.  We asked our Xerox representative to install the "Xerox XPS Option Kit".

                It fixed the problem and suddenly the Windows 10 computers could print using their default drivers.

                The cost?  About $72 spread out over a three-year contract--roughly $2/month. 

                And what was the kit?  It was a numeric code printed on a sheet of paper in Asia and shipped via FedEx to Minneapolis, MN, and then forwarded to us in Michigan.

                As soon as I entered the numeric code on the Xerox touchscreen the MFD was able to print from XPS drivers.

                If I am allowed to editorialize, my opinion is I doubt the $72 covers all of Xerox's costs involved in charging for the service.

                Our previous Xerox MFD allowed XPS printing for free, which seems more efficient for everybody.