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    Epson 7270 issues

    Gene Mayro Tracker

      Hi Everyone,

      We've come across an issue with the Epson 7270 printer drivers. We're using Area Costing for this printer. We are using the latest page counter.


      With the 7270 PS and DPS drivers, the jobs costing comes out correctly, but when releasing the jobs, or pushing the jobs, there is an error at the printer, "Command Error, Check Driver Settings"

      There is no error in the Uniprint logs.


      With the regular 7200 series drivers, the cost for an 8.5x11 page would be around $2,000+.


      We realize that this is a driver issue - in a panic, the department also asked another group that uses PaperCut, and they had the same issue. They had a workaround that only works for plain paper using Acrobat and Photoshop, otherwise they get the same errors with the same drivers.


      Other than ditching the Epsons, does anyone have any suggestions?



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          Scott Olswold Guide


          The SureColor T7270, according to their website, supports PostScript only as an option. So if your printer doesn't have that option installed, you'll get this message (which is way better than a 44" wide mess of PostScript code). EPSON tends to keep their languages "close to the chest" in terms of sharing what their internal proprietary commands and codes mean to folks like us that are just interrogating the job to figure out what its specs are, but you can try to submit a print file to Support through the normal portals and we can attempt to figure it out if EPSON won't help us.

          I haven't looked at the Standard Driver for the SureColor T-series, but if there is an option to emit HP GL2 or ESC/P, try those out. ESC/P would be your better option.




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