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    reporting on external transactions in pharos

    David Alexander Scout

      We are using a Blackboard TIA.  In Pharos reporting, we see transactions posted as external charges, but we can't see detail of where the external charge originated.


      We have a model where we collect money centrally, but then return printing revenue back to departments, and this reporting limitation is an issue for us.


      I wanted to know if anyone has run into this issue before, and if so, how did you solve it?


      Is the detail behind the external charges stored in the Pharos database?  Did you write custom SQL queries to build a report?




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          Jeff Herald Guide



          Based on what you say (" we can't see detail of where the external charge originated.") it sounds like you need to know the release device, or Point of Sale that is associated with the transaction.  Is that the case?


          If so, then you're in luck.  When using Blackboard as the payment system, you have to specify a terminal ID for the Point of Sale.  That ID is set up both in the Release Station settings in Pharos Administrator, and also in the Blackboard gateway.  Customers usually take two routes here, either they assign a POS ID number in Blackboard for EACH Pharos station, or they assign a single POS ID for all Pharos activity.  If it is the latter, then there is no way (in Blackboard's reporting) to determine which Pharos Station made the transaction.  On the other hand, if you have an ID for each station, then the reports will tell you where the transaction occurred.  If this is your need, and you are not set up this way, you may need to change the settings related to Points of Sale such that there is a unique ID for each Pharos Station.


          It is worth noting here that the above configuration changes will result in you being able to get the reporting you need from the Blackboard Reports, not Pharos Reports.  If you are not getting the details you need from the Pharos Reports, a custom SQL query ad report may be the resolution you need here.


          So that's my comment based on my understanding of your question.  If I misunderstood or you need more information, please reply.


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

          Technical Product Manager - Uniprint and Mobile Print.

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            Steven English Guide



            Adding to Jeff's response above, if you use internal funds (Pharos database money) for free print quotas or anything like that, I am not certain that it will be possible to extract the breakdown of funds from the Pharos database.  The suggestion to have release stations each have an individual terminal ID, or for all release stations within each department to share a unique terminal ID should get you to where you want to be.


            The BlackBoard reports would then either need intelligent collation if each terminal is uniquely assigned a terminal ID, or would already be divided up for you if all release stations in each department use the same unique terminal ID (same unique meaning that each department will have a unique terminal ID, but every release station within any given department would "share" the terminal ID unique to that department).