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    Preparing to move from 8.2 to 9

    brad Pioneer

      Hi guys, as per the subject line, I'm starting to look at our options for moving from 8.2 to 9, and just what's going to be involved - so to that end, I'm reaching out to those of you that have already made the jump (and/or those that have helped others do so) for feedback, suggestions, opinions, etc.


      To start with, our environment consists of:

      • Pharos SignUp 8.2.6005.202
      • Uniprint + OffTheGlass
      • 2 Windows 2008 R2 servers (one hosting the db, the other hosting the services/tools)
      • A heavily customised login script for creating Guest logins etc. - a large portion of which I suspect will be made redundant by the upgrade
      • 20-ish "Branches", 400-odd signup clients at various geographical locations, and 21 printers spread across those locations
      • Omega PS-200 terminals attached to each of the printers (iMFP not available for our models of Xerox, last I checked, at least)


      Due to the complexity of our environment, and the fact that it's a customer-facing service to rate-payers who tend to be rather vocal if their service is disrupted, I have strongly recommended having a Test environment commissioned to assist with the upgrade, among other things.


      So... I have a couple of questions for you, the Community, around the whole process:

      • Would we be better off doing an in-place upgrade (tested first on our shiny new Test environment), an install-upgrade (replicate our current Prod environment in Test, then perform the upgrade on it), or a build and migrate (build the new servers with the new version, and migrate the production environment to the new servers, turning the old Prod servers into the new Test environment once the migration is done)?
      • Is there anything we should be aware of that is either not available in the newer version which is in ours, or different enough that we would need to strongly consider using it or not? I've seen mention of login fields no longer being able to auto-fill, for example - not that we do that, but it's functionality that changed from one version to another which was relied on by a site.
      • Is there something else I should be considering which I doesn't appear to have done? As unbelievable as it may seem, I have occasionally missed/not thought of things when trying to plan stuff like this, and it's come round to take a chunk out from behind. A little assistance with protecting my derriere would be appreciated




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          Bill Kasper Guide

          Brad, we just did an in-place upgrade in late December.  We have a campus closure from Christmas Eve until the day after New Year's.  I did it in that time, and while I got pushback from users who came in and (having been notified well in advance) found the system down, it was in reality only down for about ten hours total due to the upgrade.  The rest of the time was for our record-keeping convenience.


          We run nearly the same setup as you, but with 91 iMFPs on MFDs, and 8 PS200s on older copiers.  After the upgrade we ran into very few problems that couldn't be resolved the first day, and could have been avoided had I known some of the switches that were new and going to be set in 9.  Among them is the "Execute Online State Check before printing", which is by default set to Yes in 9 for every device.  It was causing my users problems, as even having a paper drawer out of paper was causing it to NOT print (regardless of how many other drawers were full of paper).  Fortunately, another new 9 feature, the ability to flip switches on a filtered set of items, made the change easy:  I found all my devices, and turned Yes to No on one, and it changed on all the others.  Very nice, and that seems to be in every pane in Administrator.


          Our login scripts worked just fine afterwards, too.


          I highly recommend it.  It's faster in that server environment (snappier, more responsive), and getting out of the WinPrint system is a good thing.




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            John Siegel Guide

            Hi Brad,


                         We have very little down time as well. My workaround is to create image files of all our test servers with the new Pharos software (thoroughly tested and ready for production of course  ). Then when the time comes I simply re-image all the production devices at the same time. It means we are down for all of about 30 minutes, assuming there is no hardware to change out. OIT loves it since most of the time the new version of Pharos works with the current popup, so they're off the hook until they roll out the new images in the fall.


            We have 7 servers (Windows 2008 standard), 98 printers (Xerox Phasers)  and 30 MFD's (Xerox WorkCentre's). We support both MAC and PC. We run Pharos 9.0, Mobileprint 2.0, Off-the-glass, and a the occasional bake sale to raise money for upgrades.







            FYI - the "Execute Online State Check before printing", bit us in the butt too!