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    Client Silent Uninstall?

    Tim Faircloth Wayfarer



      Are there any command line switches or options for UNINST.EXE to perform a silent uninstall?  Would love to be able to script a clean uninstall.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Tim,


          Thank you for the question.  Can you please open a support incident with Pharos Support and we can provide you a Uniprint 9.0 Hot Fix version of the Popup Client (newer than what is currently in the downloads section of our web site).  This Hot Fix version has a silent switch for use from the command line to silently uninstall the client. As you know currently the uninstall of the client requires manual intervention.


          If you are not using Uniprint 9.0 then perhaps the below information is helpful which is taken from here Re: Need to uninstall client over network using SCCM

          NOTE: ONLY run on client machine and not a Uniprint Server

          Below is a link to the script I wrote and the files needed. You need to simply enter a Site Code to download. The updated link below is valid forever.



          I have modified this version slightly from the previous original script in that this one will only remove printer objects in Windows that are Pharos Popup printers.  It iterates through the "..Pharos\Popup Client\LocalPrinters" registry key and only removes printers found for Uniprint.  It will then attempt to remove the associated printer driver as well but if the driver is in use by a non Pharos printer object the driver will not be deleted.  Lastly it then removes the registry keys, files and folders and restarts the Windows Print Spooler service on the client.

          From the header of the vbscript there is additional information about what it does.  You will also find the sections listed below in the script which outline the actions it is taking as it moves along.


          Section 1 -- Determine if the OS is 32-bit or 64-bit and set the registry key appropriately

          Section 2 -- First obtain the names of the Popup Printers installed from the registry

          Section 3 -- Check if we found any Pharos printer - If YES then count the number and set Found to 1

          Section 4 -- If we found Popup printers ReDimension the array to hold data and set number found

          Section 5 -- Enumerate all the printers on the local machine

          Section 6 -- Sleep the script to allow the printer object to be deleted then delete the driver

          Section 7 -- Now using the Array we built delete the drivers the Popup Printers were using

          Section 8 -- Now execute the required batch file to remove the Popup components


          Lastly there are additional WScript.Echo lines that can be removed or commented if you choose, the same as the batch file has some ECHO lines that can be removed if you like.


          Let me know if you have any questions.



          Jeff Geller

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            Thomas Farrell Wayfarer

            HI Jeff,


            Could you repost the link for your script for the silent installation?



            Thanks, Tom