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    Pharos 8.4 and HP UPD 5.8.0 postscript issues with HP401 Printers

    Nic Meadows Ranger

      Already have a support call with Pharos (Pharos 8.4 Direct Queue Issue HP [Incident: 140417-000002]) but thought I'd ask if anyone else is having issues with this.

      We have configured a Windows 2012 server with Pharos v8.4 and the all the latest hotfixes. I've setup a normal windows print queue using HP UPD v5.8.0 PS print via IP (RAW 9100) Using the auto config on the driver the printer options are correctly ascertained. This prints jobs out without issue. After converting the queue to a Pharos direct queue, the jobs are forwarded by Pharos to the printer (properly page counted and charged with no errors), printer receives the jobs (data light flashes) but jobs either don't print out at all or only print out images (windows logo on test page) without text. Changing the queue port back on the server from the Pharos ports to the previous IP port and printing to the printer works. It's only when it goes through Pharos that the jobs fail to print/print properly.

      Other queues on the same server also using HP UPD v5.8.0 ps printing to MFPs 6040, 4555 etc work without issue.

      Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?



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          Paul LaFollette Guide


          Are the computers connecting to the print queue using Network Printer (UNC type) connections?


          If not, what print processor is being used by the computers? and what print processor is being used by the Pharos direct queue?  (Printer Properties, Advanced, Print Processor).  I read in this Pharos Support article a mis-match with the print processors can cause issues.  I suspect that may be tied to a similar issue I'm seeing  (still testing).

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              Nic Meadows Ranger

              Thanks Paul. Client printers connected via UNC. When we configure the server side queues, we also create an IP (RAW9100) port and point it at the device, we then use the auto configure option the driver to setup the necessary options/trays etc. Then switch the ports back to the Pharos ones. We change the print processor from the default HP one to WINPRINT RAW on the server and then disable bi directional printing and disable advanced printing features. The queues are/were setup and configured before we pointed the clients at them. (Will go and confirm that the client drivers processors etc. are configured as the servers though)


              To be honest we still get no print jobs when printing directly on the server through Pharos using test pages and Notepad/word pad documents (bread and butter stuff) and by just changing the ports to point directly at the device rather than through Pharos it works which leads me to believe that the driver setup (on the server at least) is good. Until we can get the server working correctly we'll leave the clients alone and still working on an old 8.1 install. At least I have repeatable print jobs that I can always get to fail to print, so its not an intermittent problem, just need to find a solution and/or work around now...


              Bizarrely same driver and jobs work correctly on a HPCM6040, just not on a M401

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              Nic Meadows Ranger

              After some extensive testing carried out by the end user (Thanks Roy!) We are seeing this behaviour (missing last pages/jobs not printing) across all print devices. (MFP and SFP) We have tried a clean vanilla client install connected to the UNC server shares so that there are no other drivers on the client to interfere with the job rendering and the same problems persist (HP UPD 5.8.0). Changing the devices in Pharos from RAW to LPR makes a difference for some documents in that they print but others still do not.


              Feeling slightly frustrated that its taking Pharos so long to get to the root cause of this and resolve the issue as it appears to have been going on since v8.2 in one form or another, ever since they moved from having a "real" windows output queue.

              The windows spooler doesn't have this problem ;-)