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    Does Uniprint 8.4 use driver-less print queues?

    Michael Wozniak Wayfarer

      Does Uniprint 8.4 use driver-less print queues?  Or is that introduced with Uniprint 9.  Does it work differently on one version or the other?


      We have Xerox 4510, 4600, & 5550 BW printers and would like to have one queue named "B&W Printing".  Then we have the Xerox 8570 color printer and would like one queue named "Color Printing".  We have like 30 queues that tie each printer's host name to a queue, this is becoming very confusing to the students.


      If someone does have a chance to discuss this over the phone, it might be easier for me to explain.




      Mike Wozniak


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          Scott Olswold Guide



          We have several customers, both for Uniprint and Blueprint, that choose to create a common queue for all inbound jobs, and then use the Print Group function to wrangle everything together by device. This type of model has immediate benefit (fewer things to manage within Administrator; ease printer driver pressure on the server), but comes with some risks as well, and mostly because this is not a "driverless" solution (if you want driverless, you make everybody submit jobs via MobilePrint).


          The biggest risk is driver selection. You must vigorously test a driver/configuration combination that speaks to all of your target devices. So while I can create a queue that says I have a stapling unit attached to the device, not all of my target devices are going to necessarily have a stapler attachment, so I need to test how those non-stapling devices react to a job that says "staple me." Likewise with paper trays and paper sizes. A lot of folks use "universal" drivers from manufacturers to try and satisfy cross-model compliance, but you have to be very careful about how they are configured (I penned a nice Op-Ed feature internally about why "universal" drivers can be like devils within a Pharos workflow; I may port it over here one day). The other risks are moderate to low impact: cross-platform availability (MacOS and those on the WinTel platform), architecture (32- vs. 64-bit operating systems) and user experience are the ones that first spring to mind.


          However, once these risks are identified, tested against, and mitigated (either through a trick of software or good old user education), most sites operate near seamlessly. Since you appear to be strongly Xerox, you may wish to try their new "Pull Printing" driver. It loses a lot of the assumptions their "global" print driver makes, and generates nice, clean PCL/PostScript to boot.




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            John Siegel Guide



                   The Xerox Global Driver will work with the Phaser 4510, 4600 and 5500. You could create one queue that works with all three printers, and assign all the printers to the same print group. I have a single queue that uses the global driver and has 3610's 4600's, and 4510's printing to it.We also do that with MFD's when both models will work with the same driver. The only reason we kept the 5550 separate was paper choices. The 5550's support tabloid as well as letter size.


            Give me a call if you have any questions.






            University of Colorado at Boulder